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EHI - Waste to Energy. is an AEPC architectural engineering procurement construction firm, established in 2000, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, specialized in designing and manufacturing waste-to-energy and renewable energy systems facilities.
EHI was set up by professionals with a significant experience in the field of plant engineering.
The founder and owner of the company, held relevant positions as technical directors of some of the major Canadian and foreign plant engineering companies, and have gained previous academic experience at universities, where some took their PhD in Energy Engineering.



EHI's AEPC technical office relies on architects, process engineers, control engineers and design engineers, and can provide more than 35,000 hours of engineering activities. This structure is rapidly growing. But EHI can offer much more than that. As many Canadian SME, EHI is a typical networked enterprise.

The firm's network allows EHI to take advantage from:
A well-established cooperation with external design/engineering firms and companies providing technical drawing services

The external consulting of professionals with a long experience in some of the major and most reputated enterprises of the industry (energy
Engineering or services companies, multi-utility service companies, etc.)

The innovative contribution of some university professors (EHI relations in the academic environment are outstanding)



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